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High Sec Hosting

Sustainable hosting



High Sec Hosting manages a high security data center operation in an environmentally sustainable way. We designed, built, and operate our data center within the highest security and efficiency standards to date. You will have access to you equipment 24/7/365. High Sec Hosting is located in a central area of Stockholm for convenient availability with a discreet optical signature. Climate change is one of today's greatest challenges, therefore High Sec Hosting only invests in sustainable solutions for our customers.

Data Center

Grow with us, We give you the opportunity

We have space for 400 racks, over 5 floors and 17 server rooms. Here, as a customer, you can grow freely - start with an unit and end up with your own floor. You can reserve space in advance for future growth. This applies to units, racks and suites.

You don't always have to be there!

• We handle reboots of your equipment.
• We handle and receive deliveries.
• We can also install your equipment.
• As always, an option to recycle is avalaible.

You are safe with us

Our support team is ready 24/7 to help you. Personal service is what sets us apart from other data centers. We pride ourselves in assisting you in emergency situations and when you cannot, we can.

Our data center consists of a freestanding brick building built inside a rock shelter. In the times of the Cold War, the rock shelter was designed to withstand a nuclear war. The perimeter consists of 40 meters thick granite bedrock and 10 meters tall blast doors. Protection and safety has been further strengthened and modernized according to current industry standards, and today we are one of the world's most secure data centers.

Flexible connectivity

Communication-wise, we are operator-neutral. You choose which one of numerous major internet and telecom operators connected to our facility. This flexibility allows you to connect to the world in multiple ways. The benefit of this flexiblity allows more options for your operation to connect anywhere.